Monday, October 18, 2010

Uber Practical Halloween Costumes

It all started with Baby1's first halloween. I wanted to sew his costume because my mother had always made mine but I was having trouble finding material that was both economical and baby safe.  He had a little lovey from Carters that was a little blue dog.  I found a sleep sack in the same color at a mom2mom sale and decided I would just make him a hat.  I made the hat out of fleece and he ended up wearing the hat all winter long.  It was our favorite winter hat.  He was also able to use the sleep sack through out the winter too.

This started my uber practical halloween costume making.  I have again gone back to the same formula- make a cute costume hat that can double as a winter hat and buy a sleeper that the boys can continue to use all winter long.  Baby1 made the task a little more difficult this year because he wanted to be Chef Elmo.  So for his costume I had to add a chef apron, ovenmit gloves (my mom's idea) and a chef hat.

Baby2 is a raccoon, which was my husband's idea.  This year I bought the sleepers online to make sure I had the perfect color match.  So for the price of one cheap Target costume I managed to make  a costume, a winter hat and a pair pajamas.
Baby2 is modeling Elmo hat without the chef hat attachment.  (I attached it with velcro in case it was too heavy or awkward to wear for a long time.)  Baby1 refused to model for Mommy.  Hey playing blocks is way more important.

The tail and whiskers are missing from this shot.  Baby2 has blue eyes just like the raccoon.
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