Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Darths

So, the days of cute Halloween costumes are over for my boys.  Even my three year old, thanks to his older brother, has gone to the dark side.  I have two Darth Vaders this year.  In fact not only are they dressing up as one of the worst villains of the twenty century but I also bought them the costumes.  My goal has always been to have creative homemade outfits for them.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around how I could do the costume justice at a reasonable price. 
My husband was quite disappointed he thought for sure that I could whip something up.  He offered numerous suggestions including making a paper mache helmet.  I was impressed he knew the term, but seriously paper mache?  So we ordered costumes online and thought we would try our luck.  It seems that costumes have improved since back in the day.  The mask is much more substantial then the cheap flimsy ones that they had available when I was young. Those masks that broke immediately.
            Granted we do have to do some work to fix the costume.  We need to rig the straps that hold the mask on, not sure the shape of the models head they used for the design.  I also need to convert the jump suit into a two piece suit for at least the youngest.  How can you expect a three year old that was just recently potty trained to navigate a jumpsuit that opens in the back. 
So I guess the only saving grace is that they worked out exactly how there could be two Darth Vaders.  I walked into the living to hear J say to D, “Okay, we are back in your time now.”  So D stood up and very officially and seriously fallowed him into the kitchen.
“It’s his time.”
“His time?”
“That’s how come we can have two of us.  I jump into his time or he jumps into mine.”
That’s right.  My five year old baby is using time travel to explain how he and his brother have the same costume.  He also managed to explain it to his brother that is 19 months younger in way that made sense to the kid.  
I guess I have to be okay with them being bad guys with such an amazing explanation.
So is it okay that I am dressing the baby as Princess Leia?  I am going to make that costume.  I know I can make a super cute fleece hat that looks much better than the costume ones out there.  I also can’t give up on the handmade element on her first trip out.  Just feeling bad that it isn’t a terribly innocent costume.  I mean, one brother was a baby blue doggy that matched his lovey, the other went as a little raccoon.  I am trying to justify it by explaining I need the good side of the force represented. 
I don’t know.

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