Thursday, February 20, 2014


So my four year old is amazing at role playing.  He races around the house in character which change from minute to minute.  He's always been incredibly verbal and he can do amazing accents.  He also poses and does slick hand moves.  One minute he is the local magician, the next he's Martin Kratt morphing into a walrus with walrus powers and the next he is his own made up super hero.

So we've been stuck in the house for three of the five winter break days because the baby has a terrible ear infection- crying, whining, has to be in my arms.  I have not handled her being super sick and us being cooped up well.  I've been about as whiny as she has and I am not in any kind of pain. I am not in pain but I have been totally exhausted.  So while I was desperately trying to get the poor girl to sleep, I let the boys watch copious amounts of television- or what felt like copious amounts of television which brings on a fright train worth of guilt.  The one good thing that came out of all of that screen time was his copying from the fourth Spy Kid movie.

We some how found ourselves watching the fourth Spy Kid movie out of sequence.  I wouldn't say that the storyline of the movie was anywhere close to stellar but it was a nice break from watching Super Hero Squad.  There were two things that I really liked about the movie.  The first was that the cast was primarily Latino.  You don't see that enough.  Along the same lines, I liked that one of the main characters, a young boy, was hearing impaired.  The fact that he was hearing impaired wasn't a part of the story it was just a part of his character, like being short or having curly hair.  There were references to his use of hearing aides but no of it was in no way like a some sort of PSA.  The selection of the cast was also along the same lines.  It didn't need to be explained or central to the plot.

Some how Desi was quite taken with the movie and started acting out parts of it immediately.  In the movie the little boy gets annoyed with his sister who is ranting so he turns off both of his hearing aides and tells her he can't hear her.  So my dear sweet four year old does the action of turning off two hearing aides and says to me "I can't hear you I'm turning off my hearing maids."How cute is he?

I almost didn't want to correct him.  He got a little embarrassed that he got it wrong.  "Really?  Hearing aides?"  So he went to repeat the line and said it wrong again.
I hope I never forgot the cute slightly embarrassed face reenacting the movie. Pin It Now!