Monday, October 11, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Reviewing Qualifications

-Two very active children with fairly sensitive skin
-One super skinny child (if you buy into growth charts- last time he was under 4%) and
one chunky baby who is probably in at least the 80%.  They havec pnsistently been on opposite ends of the growthchart.
-One paycheck household
-a husband that is both frugal and uninterested in the extra work go green may entail (= if it aint easy - he isn't going to buy in)

My favorite diaper is Best Bottom.  Not only do I feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck with the inserts and a handful of shells, they are great diapers.  After reading other reviews, I only purchased the snap version. It was rumored that the hook and loop version was not soft on babies' waists. I was not brave enough to test the hook and loop version out myself.
I did a fair bit of research and checking around before picking the Best Bottom brand. I liked that I could have so many inserts and really have a decent stash for a small amount of money. I started the journey with two in diapers at the same time. Best Bottoms uses a really small well fitting inset that snaps into the shell, that means if I am changing a wet diaper I can just switch out the insert. This was much more econimical for me because I didn't have to have over 30 pockets or AIOs. It is also helpful because my wash loads are less bulky and the inserts really wash and dry well. The stay dry insersts are great. They really do keep the boys nice and dry. We have not had diaper rash issues, or problems with leaks.I opt for the stay dry inserts rather than going organic. I could not really justify the added expense of organic to my husband after having used disposables for over two years. actually use one modified prefold, a regular insert next to their skin and the outer shell.
 I have eight shells and about 30 inserts.  I also have two night time inserts.  The night time inserts work amazingly well but are very bulky. In a perfect world I would have more shells for each boy but I'm trying to be frugal.  I have also found that I can just put the inserts into my bummis and thirties covers and they stay in place on both boys with out problems.  I do prefer the best bottom shells because they are leaner.  They boast about a double layer of pul, which seems to make sense.  They are still breathable and we haven't had diaper rash issues despite surviving a hot summer.
The only real negatives I have found is that the variety of colors is kind of lacking. Having two boys, the colors are better than if I had a little girl though. I love my pocket diapers that have cute prints and hope Best Bottom gets into some fun prints too. I bought two white vanilla shells and wish that I hand't because they stain easily both inside and out. Pin It Now!

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