Monday, October 11, 2010

Trying to Go Green

I read a blog with the challenge to generate as many green mama ideas as possible, so here goes . . .
1) Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth breast pads and mama pads.  It is much easier than you would ever imagine.  And per the incredible insight of Amanda Blake Soule in her book Handmade Home, I decided to make some of my own diapers using old flannel sheets and t-shirts. I made fitted diapers rather than prefolds but that's just me. Soule Mama is the Queen of repurposing around the house and I highly recommend the book (and her blog- she talks so candidly about not wanting to be a huge consumer and trying to tackle the want voice we all hear in our heads.  I use her as my inspiration when I feel like I NEED to buy something.  I'll ask myself- can I make it?  Can I make it out of something I already own?) 
2)We use cloth rags rather than paper towels and cloth napkins at our meals.  No more paper products for our messes!
3)The vast majority of my kids clothes are hand-me-downs or used from Mom2Mom sales.  I also try to buy my clothes from a local consignment shop when ever possible and honestly, when do I ever get new clothes really?
4) Following the whole cloth diaper thing, I try to dry as many loads of laundry outside on the line as possible.  I hate when I can't dry the diapers outside because something about sunshine, makes me feel like they really are clean.  Also for general laundry there is no need for bleach when you can tackle the stains outside on the line.  My goal is at least two loads a week as it gets colder.  This summer I'd say I had loads out there five days a week.
5) With a crawler and a preschooler I try to avoid using harsh chemicals in my house.  My vinegar cleaning solution is my best friend.  I use it for most of my cleaning needs.  I also use some castille soap for washing the floor and other misc. things.  All of our laundry detergents are environmentally safe too (again thanks to cloth diapering).
6) I use reuseable containers for snacks and sandwiches instead of baggies.  I also use silicon cookie sheet for the babies placemat if we eat out at a restaurant.
7) We have curbside recycling and use recyclable bags for shopping.
I want more ideas and more help with this because I want a beautiful world for my children to grow up in. Pin It Now!


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