Sunday, January 5, 2014

Someday I'll Check These Things Off My List

1.  Eat a half gallon of Ice Cream right out of the box.  I'm 40 now- am I adult enough?
2.  Make a rag rug.  I have no idea why.  It seems environmental and crafty.
3.  Get rid of all my old CDs and put the music I want to keep on my phone.
4.  Add organizers shelves and bins to my kitchen cabinets.
5.  Empty my scrapbook bin by actually scrapbooking my kids first years.
6.  Have a decent workout wardrobe in which I would feel comfortable and cute picking up and dropping my kids off in work out clothes.
7.  Buy a pair of gray pumps and black flats- why is it that I am the only woman alive that doesn't have both of these things?
8.  Have leisure time to drink my coffee and read magazines first thing in the morning.  Do I have to wait until the youngest is in college to do this?
9.  Make my kids a cute, memory filled height chart that we can eventually move to a new house.
10.  Move to a larger house- preferably some sort of colonial with the bedrooms upstairs, family room/ playroom/ 10 Forward in the basement, a garage, a foyer, a kitchen with an island bar,  Basically like the house we saw on Miracle Drive.  Another miracle, please?
11.  Go sledding with the kids this winter.
12.  Exercise 3-5 times a week.
13.  Write.
14.  Sleep at least 5 hours straight.  I haven't done that since before I was pregnant with my third and she is almost ten months old!
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